Graphic Design

Below, check out examples of logos, business cards, and other graphic design work I’ve done.

Seattle Makers

Seattle Makers is a makerspace in the South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle.  The first draft of the logo (when the business was called Seattle Makers Collective) was designed by Jeremy Hanson.  I edited the logo for the new name, and created a flavicon version.  I used the logo to create a business card, and a postcard for the makerspace.

I also took a picture of the logo that had traced from a projection on a chalk board, and edited the image to increase the sharpness and contrast.  The chalk image was used for the website header.

For events at Seattle Makers, I created announcement graphics for Instagram (square) and Meetup (landscape).  Examples shown here include a Cosplay Meetup, New Year’s Speakeasy, and a Karaoke Night.  I also created graphics announcing holiday hours and promotions.

For the Seattle Makers website, I created a suite of icons to be used for membership and class descriptions.

Seattle Womxn Marching Forward

Seattle Womxn Marching Forward is the continuation of the Womxn’s March on Seattle team.  For the Community Convergence Event in May of 2017, I created Facebook posts to highlight the participating organizations.  I used images provided by those organizations and formatted them to have a consistent aesthetic that also included the event information.

For Womxn Act on Seattle, the anniversary event of the Womxn’s March on Seattle, I created several Facebook posts to promote various aspects of the event.  I also created the neighborhood map to allow organizers to sort interested organizations and participants by neighborhood.

Womxn’s March on Seattle

The Womxn’s March on Seattle took place in January 21, 2017.  I created the website graphics for the event, including a map of the route, as well several of the graphics used on the Facebook Event.  I also designed a Seattle-specific tee-shirt.

Dress for Success

Dress for Success is a non-profit that supports womxn in becoming economically empowered.  For their annual holiday sale, I designed a flyer and a Facebook event page banner that incorporated photographic elements as well as drawn elements.


Sowilo is a non-profit organization, supporting small, local-run businesses in the Congo and Zambia.  The name comes from the Nordic sun rune.  The client was interested in a logo that reflected the sun motif, while also incorporating rising or flying iconography.  She was particularly drawn to the image of an eagle.  Her graphics package included a logo, flavicon, and website header.

We went through several iterations, starting with a feather, photo-real eagle images, until finally landing on a more impressionistic silhouette.

The Lucknow

The Lucknow is a historic loft apartment building in Seattle.  The client requested a logo that matched the original building marquee.  Her graphics package included the logo, letterhead, and business cards.

After a bit of research, I found the font used in the marquee, and built a logo to match the text and the border.

The business cards have a pressed logo that show indented on the front (white) and raised on the back (gray), as though you’re looking through a window with “The Lucknow” painted on it.

SEattle-Isfahan Sister City Association

Seattle-Isfahan Sister City Association (SISCA) is an organization devoted to promoting non-bureaucratic relationships between the US and Iran.  I created a two-sided business card for the president of the organization, as well as designing a pop-up banner.  The logo was designed by local artist, Nadir Kianersi, and the bridge image was courtesy of a travel website.

These are examples of the digital and print design work for Nowruz 2017, the Persian New Year celebration in Seattle.

An artist provided the logo for the event, and I pulled out colors and themes from the logo to incorporate in the Save The Date, flyers, signs, a google map for the events website, and Facebook banner.

Original artwork by Misha Zadeh.
Vote Angie Beem

Candidate for Spokane Valley City Council, Angie Beem, needed a full design package including color pallet, font, logo, and print material (brochures, business cards, lawn signs, etc.).  To set her apart from her fellow candidates and their red-white-and-blue motif, I chose a bright and bold purple.  I still incorporated stars to tie in the patriotic aspect of her campaign.

Joy Gerhard

And now we’ve come to my own logo.  My inspiration came from one of the favorite picture I’ve taken.

The hexagons of color are a lens flare, a phenomenon that occurs when light is scattered in a lens system.  While lens flares are generally avoided, I’ve always been a huge fan of what they add to a picture.  I created my own version of the line of hexagons digitally.  I used a portion of this to create my own logo, changing the color pallet to match another one of my favorite images (the driftwood and seaweed).