Supporting You

Like a good bra, I excel at support that is both useful and pain-free.  If you’re not familiar with the experience of wearing a good bra, I can assure you that the similarities it and I share are vast and significant.

Why I Can Help

Over the last half-decade, I have worked with a variety of small businesses and non-profits, both in a technical capacity and at a higher overarching level.

When a company or organization is small, very little structure is needed because there are so few moving parts.  But as growth occurs, it becomes impossible to keep all the cogs turning smoothly without systems in place to standardize and assure quality.

When a company or organization starts to expand beyond an owner-operator or a partnership, there are a number of growing pains in developing a mission statement, messaging, marketing, data management, organizational structure, human resources, training, and more.

How I Can Help

What I can offer is directed conversations to get at the heart of what your organization or business wants to achieve.  I ask pointed questions to glean what you are passionate about, what direction you want to go in, what voice you want to present to the public.

I facilitate structure  – both in terms of physical organization of your work-space, data storage, and personnel AND in terms of how you want to orient your organization.  How should information flow through your company?  How do you process requests, keep track of product, make sure nothing falls through the cracks?  I want to make sure that any system you have in place works for your specific needs.  Every company or organization is different and has different needs  – I will create unique solutions to fit what you need AND how you function.

Running a successful venture is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor.  Neither is my support which I can tailor to you – whether you need a quick-and-dirty re-vamp of your existing organization, totally new systems, or long-term assistance.

If you’re interested in having a conversation about how I can support you, drop me a line.