Web Design

The Good, the Rad, but NEVER the Ugly

Question: What makes for a bad website?

An inability to navigate?  Confusing links?  Too much information or too little?  Ritinal-searing color choices?  Unreadable font?  Or in the case of the worst website in the world, all of the above?

Answer:  I think it’s more likely a lack of direction.  Sure, color scheme and animations can torpedo the greatest of sites, but I’m convinced that even the most gorgeous of designs will not help a website that lacks a coherent and clear purpose.

One of the worst things you can do is build a website for the sake of having one.  But why not? Everyone else has one!  It’s not the existence of a website that is key – it’s the content and design.  A jarring, chaotic page says volumes about your business – and none of it good.

Which is why, before building any site, I ask a lot of questions.  I want to understand what you want to share with your target audience, how you want to grow your business or organization, and how you will be adding information to your site.

I am a firm believer that user-experience should guide website design, so my first question is always:

What do you want people to do at your site?  

Your goals for your site will radically and significantly inform the look and feel of your site.

Do you want visitors to your website to be able to find information?  Submit or commission something?  Buy an item or service?  Sign up for a newsletter?  RSVP to an event or sign up for a class?  See examples of your work?  Share information with you?  There’s no wrong answer – but it is vital to know what you want your website to do for you.

My Design Aesthetic

When it comes to website design, I’m a firm believer in less being more.  I want the design of the site to do all the hard work so your site’s visitors don’t have to.  I design sites that are clean, streamlined, and easy to navigate.

In order to accomplish this, your message must also be clean, streamlined, and easy to navigate.  This is why I ask so many questions up-front to get at the main goal of your site, and the underlying message you want to convey.  I will do my due diligence with you to get to the heart of your organization or business and make sure that shines through on your website.

My Resume

Below, check out some of the websites I’ve created and/or maintained.

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