Writing and Crafting

You’ve got a good idea.  Great.  Now what?  For companies and organizations that work with the public on any level, messaging and communication are key.  How do you want to present yourself?  What is your mission?  What is your vision?  What change do you want to bring about in the world?  What experience do you want to give your clients?  This is the realm of “messaging.”  And this is what I do.


You may have noticed that you’re reading this sentence right now.  Which means that there is a sentence for you to read.  Websites and printed material don’t populate themselves.  While you may know the overall idea you want to get across on a web page or in a brochure, the wording can be tedious and labor intensive, especially when you want to get back to running your business or organization.  Through directed conversation with you, I can put together the wording for everything from websites, pamphlets, training material, HR documentation, Facebook posts, and much more.  I can break down complex ideas into easily-digested pieces for employees, stock-holders, board members, or the public.

Crafting Your Message

Do any of these describe your current situation?

  • You have a clear and concise picture in your head of your goal/product, but don’t know how to communicate it
  • You have a vague idea of what you want to communicate, but need help figuring out how to focus your message
  • You have been doing things solo forever, but now you have employees or volunteers for whom you need to create training materials and you don’t even know how to put your process into words

If so, you’re in luck!  This is what I do!  I can get to the heart of your message quickly and concisely, crafting your mission statement, vision, or other written materials in a way that will excite and inform people.

If you are in need of these sorts of services, drop me a line.